Falla Convento Jerusalén

"By nature"

Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 1st Special Section.

Cost: 200.000 Euros.

Height:20 metres.

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"The various fantasies that imagine a family over their lives."

"The idyllic image of a beautiful governess who strives to read a story to her little ones.
                          Her older sister dreams of being the young princess of an enchanted forest. She is very happy because life smiles at her.
                          At her side is her beloved prince and the fruit of his love, two precious little angels with tender faces who rest in the cradle of a flower.
                          This charming allegory is topped with the King of Nature, who embowered watches his grandchildren. "

"A young warrior as protector of the kingdom, custody the legacy of Nature. And an evil demon puts the necessary intrigue to round up our history."

"By nature we will be what we learn at school."

"That old school that only old people talk about, was based on punishing and washing our brains.
Respect was earned with punishments and prohibitions, and the slap was taken by the one who touched the balls."

"By nature innate, people learn immediately what they see as children.
Education has changed, before much authority and now a bit is missing."

"The teacher has lost all authority and if it gets really stubborn, he will be the punishment.
                    In sex education they all bring an excellent, they have a special teacher just entering the internet."

"The current education is very bad with high rate of abandonment, bullying and harassment."

mother gives the breast

"By nature we speak the language we suck.
                          By nature we speak the language we have sucked and the Consell wants us to end up sucking tongues in handfuls.
The Consell has been obsessed with that of trilingualism, and it seems that it has forgotten to expand Valencianism."

"The teacher teaches with a book and great passion to the children to whom she gives the best education."

"The story that is telling full of magic and beauty seems to be happening and is called 'By nature'."

"By naturethe flock follows the one who has indoctrinated."

"The independence of the entire nation voted in a sad china lunch box."

shepherd and sheep

"Mosso Trapero's eyes have been blocked so as not to see the referendum that has been mounted."

"So many times it had asked for 'vuta' the sheep, that a Spanish annoyed has brought it a bottle."

Shepherd dog

"The national police has brought the club because they have given fuet and not chistorra."

"In Catalonia the shepherd dog contest is a tradition, where a shepherd and his dog guide the flock with care."

"The very convincing shepherd has guided the entire herd and the dog very cowardly to Belgium has escaped."

civil guard sheep

"The black sheep is Guardia Civil and carries the lunch box to keep ham."

"By nature Humans alter the natural environment".

"The birds with depression, the whole forest is stressed because they have seen the invasion that humans have perpetrated.
The beautiful song of the birds and the fairies have been felt and have changed the Sunday visitors by the noises of bellows and screams
They know that the human race is a special species, because they do not want to take care of the natural environment".


"They have taken the radiocassette, the fridge and the barbecue, the cigarette has been lit and to the dog has stepped on the tail."

mushroom and grandmother

"This mushroom has given the old woman such a surprise that the tension has gone up thinking it was something else."

child with cut tree

"As children we are losing respect for nature with a reckless attitude and in the end there will be no cure."

"By nature we will extinguish forests and the environment."

"The provocative flame to the tree tries to seduce and with destructive intention a fire wants to produce."


"Cargados con moto sierra y herramientas infernales lan comenzado una guerra contra árboles y animales".

monster rips a tree

"The forests are suffering a great devastation by the monster Arrancapinos that seeks speculation".


"The sheep of the Cup the head has hidden and in Switzerland the 'Gabriel' has taken refuge".

"The badly educated peasant wants to shout to the four winds that Castilian is not an independent language".


"La Caixa and Sabadell hitchhike to take the money to another place".

"The Feskenet sheep has decided that leaving Catalonia does not make sense".

"Man by nature has a destructive character boasting of strength like a primitive primate."

 kim monkey with missiles

"The day that unfortunately ignites the fireworks Kim Jong Un will start another world war."

Maduro monkey in hammock

"If there is one more dangerous than a monkey with a submachine gun, it is a powerful leader who has lost the head."

 Trump monkey with firearms

"The head of the orangutans comes from the United States, chasing immigrants, the poor and the disadvantaged."

"By nature the Valencians are very large indifferent"

"The warriors from Albufera to Valencia must defend against the financial destruction that comes from the center."

Puig and Oltra

"Puig and Oltra with conviction of an unjust financing, fight against the oppression that the government is doing to them."

Puig and Oltra

"They say that now they are fishing the goods that they have taken from us, pensions, education and health care and lost Social Services.."


"Ribó now has a new vice that has come first, has tired of the bike lane and now tear down walkways."


"By nature nature always gives us the cure."

"The old woman takes advantage of the most natural remedies that the earth facilitates to cure animals."