Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Vicente Martínez.

Prize: 2nd Special Section and 3rd of talent and grace

Cost: 130.000 Euros.

Height:18 metres.

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"And in the treacherous world nothing is real or a lie: everything is according to the color of the filter in which you look."


"What we have planted in the falla is looking, but is silent if it seems normal or not to him, because thinks this curious that everything depends on the color used in the glass. "

"He has precision glasses with which he pays attention to a nonsense of gut that look at his side and that has even gone up ... on his top hat!. "

"They are madmen without sense that in the falla they have been ... filtered. "

                  By multicolored filter we have a designer who is the most modern, he paints non-stop because he wants to do next year the falla ... municipal.
He has a idolized muse ... Ruiz de la Prada."

                          We have a degraded filter because they have robbed the valenciados many times. Because between corruption and bad financing we are stuck in all ... Camps.
                          But we have no answer from the money that this ...Costa "

"The funniest attraction are the cars of this fair."

"FILTER 155"

Rajoy, Soraya, Junqueras, Puigdemont

"With the other car they have collided when they never run or go fast because they have by virtue, confessed, to be always ... quite stopped. And with the filter they have applied to the proces leaves ... parked."

"She holds the bump, because apart from small has always been very stubborn and with strong .. Constitution. It is not a sublime idea but ... one hundred fifty-five!."

"When failing to comply with the Spanish Constitution, he wields a piggy bank because he has to pay. The process is over when they have been told ... to pay!."

"This blow has left sequels to him, because fleeing for not being imprisoned has led the procés to be stamped there in Brussels. He is accompanied by his cast in this flemish painting."

Rivera, Sánchez, Iceta

"As he can all in lycra has been dressed and here you have, all adjusted, the Captain ... 'Orange'. Believe he has superpowers to stop procés"

"He just collides with the cars of this fair because Sanchez only watches how to become more ... opular. Faster than a bolt is driving on the ... right."

"Trying to give war, equilibria has to do as if he were a casteller surrounded by this ... fight. Enemy of this nonsense tries Iceta a ... castle."

Rufian, Colau, Iglesias

"Here we have inside this car that with slow words is going to give more chimes than the same .. Pedroche! This Rufian is well-known to continue collecting ... from Spain."

"She is a woman of peace with a dialogue character, but here you see her colliding because of how well she has ... Colau. And is that for being so supportive says one thing and ... the opposite."

"Enemy of these people of weight Pablo Iglesias has settled and immediately they have left with the mother .. of Moisés. He says it's equidistant, while they are ... crushing him."

"YOUTH FILTER. The woman you have here wants to look like a figurine, only looks in the mirror, and spending a large sum has paid a fortune to restore the ... rabbit. The youth filter the bag has squeezed!"

Cuttings from an old past are the filter we have here with sepia images. We keep them in our memory as they are part of our history and that we have thrown ... down the drain. A Valencia of charm and that today ... no longer exists."

"MONOCHROME FILTER. WHITE AND BLACK FILTER. She tells her that it is a chrome the witch of the stepmother forcing the stepdaughter to look like ... Eccehomo. A monochrome diet where she eats only ... the apple."

The filter of the wild gives as a concoction the girl to the panther, all a reconstituent that causes hardening, made with leaves ... of radish. With more force than a crane the filter rises up .. the tail."



"He criticizes with ardor and with looking nice she worries as Picó softens himself because she is Fallera and ... greater. Criticizing her is very fine because she never gets ...tousled"

"In a charrusquera way she never tires of cheering and the spectacle look behind ... the barrier. And to be protected, really, from the danger of ... horns."

"He never tires of claiming hidden in the barrier, that our fallera party is always ... ppopular. Fool, and it's true, he does not have a hair ... in his head."

"As in Fallera City, here we also have a mural that cost a lot of money, painted on a dividing wall! While to the commissions do not arrive ... the subsidies."


"He loves the modernism and fill up with medals, but talking to the fallas that gives him ... dread !. He's running fast away from ... the Assembly."


"In the Interagrupación is taking as a flag to see how, can give a ... tumble. Emotions controls to do ... manifestations."

"He never loses an act because he goes like a motorcycle and always gets a picture of those that cause ... impact. In the fallas, the weight of Julio Fontán is very large.."

"It pleases him a lot to say about the party of the fallas and he is getting into trouble because he always pulls ... to play. It's not that it's very nice but it's left over of ....Pico"

This is a very perverse dance that always ends in a mess and takes place inside a Palau in the street of the Cavallers. It's like heaven, because it looks ... the Virgin comes closer!.

beauty and beast

"He is putting honey-colored eyes on him when he dances with his partner and even though she is old he wants to eat her ... a few bites ... and playing his role he steps her whenever... he can."

teapot and cup

"At the dance they pay attention from this place resigned, because they have been invited to be just decoration. They want to dance at one extreme, they wonder ... Can we?"