Child Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Bon Appetite!"

Artist: Cap de suro.

Prize: 9th special section and 3rd talent and grace.

Cost: 20.000€.

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"The grandmother Carmela is in her kitchen preparing a party: The party of Valencian gastronomy."

"In a funny way, she wants to transmit all the secrets of our way of cooking and understand the Mediterranean diet to her grandchildren."

                         "While Juan helps her, Mireia prepares an allioli in the traditional style and with the typical mortar, while Ramoneta cooks an authentic Valencian paella with chicken and rabbit, while Pepet prepares a refreshing horchata from Alboraya."

"Sayings of the grandma Carmela: To the table and to the bed, to the first shout."

"All i oli. The most international Valencian sauce.
Essential to accompany the bravas or arroz a banda."

"Advice from grandma Carmela: Our Valencian diet you have to value and this type of food you should not abuse."

"Sayings of Grandma Carmela: Before eating, you have to wash your hands."

"Paella Valenciana, with chicken and rabbit."

"Advice from grandma Carmela: Say no to the mixed paella. Sausage in the paella, sacrilege!."

"Advice from grandma Carmela: It tastes better if you eat it with a spoon and directly from the paella."


"Valencian Salad."

"With lettuce, onion and tomato from the orchard. It also has tuna and olives."



"With pepper, mojama and haddock. Also called "aspencat", it is said so for the way of cutting the pepper."

"Baked rice."

"Also known as 'rossejat' (blond) or 'Casserole of Sant Blai'."

Crab in pot

"Fumet: Very delicious broth that is used as the basis of many seafood dishes and rice, made with rockfish, galley and crab."


"Snails: With snails and green beans. Very typical to eat it in summer."

"Advice from grandma Carmela: Do not eat the final part of the snail .. it's the poop!."


"Sepia: Cooked on the grill, with green sauce made with garlic, oil and parsley ."

"Advice from grandma Carmela: Remember, do not abuse sugar and salt. In large quantities they are harmful to health."



"Advice from grandma Carmela: Put Valencian lemon in the squid. The lace ... with this citrus everything tastes better."


"Sugar. "



"Sayings of grandma Carmela: The more sugar, the sweeter."


"With denomination of origin chufa of Valencia."

bad food

"Danger! Enemies of the Valencian diet."

"Pay attention to this pyramid to have a healthy diet."


"Sayings of the grandma Carmela:Meat makes meat and wine blood."

"Sayings of the grandma Carmela: Eat a lot, shit hard and do not be afraid of death."

"Sayings of the grandma Carmela: To the old man you do not give him young wine."

Shrimp and tellinas

"Shrimp: Red from Denia, grilled or boiled."

"Quisquilla: From Santa Pola, grilled or boiled."

"Tellinas: From Cullera, steamed with a little lemon."


"Turrón: From Jijona, a classic at Christmas."

"Mocadorá: With marzipan fruits. Gift of the day of Valencian lovers, on October 9."

"Sayings of the grandma Carmela: Who does not kill pork, does not get longaniza."


"Cheeses of Valencia."


"Torrá: Ideal to meet with friends and cook grilled meats."

"Longaniza: Utiel-Requena. The region is famous for the fair of sausages."

sausage and butifarra

"Sausage: From Ontinyent. The locality stands out for its sausages"

"Butifarra: The besto from Xirivella."


"Of pumpkin, very typical of these holidays, accompanied by chocolate."

"Sayings from grandma Carmela: Good food makes people young."

rice with chard and snails

"Rice with chard and snails, also with potatoes, beans and red pepper."

rice with beans and turnips

"Rice with beans and turnips. Teodor Llorente dedicated a poem to the famous dish in 1892."


"A classic in all Valencian kitchens."

"Sayings of the grandma Carmela: The most tasty chickpea, the wrinkled face and the fat ass."

Soup rice

"Soup Rice with lobster. Of broth we have many varieties, such as lobster, chicken and rabbit, etc."

all i pebre

"All i pebre de anguila. With Albufera eel 'All i pebre' with garlic, bread and pepper."