Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Toni Pérez.

Prize: 5th Special Section and 1st of talent and grace.

Cost: 113.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Na Jordana

"No one is fully human if he does not enjoy freedom. Because the exercise of free consciousness is what allows us to develop in all our possibilities."                     

"The cry of freedom, therefore, must be constantly renewed if we estimate our condition, if we feel that our land is occupied by the oppressor, we will have to shout for the freedom of the people."

                     "If we know that, by squandering the right to free expression, there is a conscious manipulation of social networks, we will have to invoke freedom of information against the debauchery of rumor and defamation."

                             "If we know of cases of harassment in schools and companies, we will have to denounce those who restrict the freedom of children and workers, if we detect that the powers, in the name of neoliberalism, oppress the good people of this world. What else can we do but rise for freedom? "

                             "Enough of threats to freedom in the world, in homes, in fallas."

"Can a flock be free?"

"The King of Spains shepherds a flock of seventeen sheep, each with their servitudes".

"Some are spoiled, others exploited. It highlights the wayward sheep that wants to escape, and a sheep repeatedly sheared that they do not allow to develop".

shepherd king

"The shepherd of the crown with the flock is very attentive, with the milker emeritus and the divine shepherdess. Constitutional flock, for the institutional feed"

"William Wallace,long legs Eduardo's enemy's. Blood shed by the monarchs: wake up ferro, here I am! (This bursts a rose, but more pricked the thistle of Scotland)."

"William Wallace, paladin of another lost cause. There will be no harsher sentence than the head cut by the executioner?."

policemen kissing

"Break free!"

"The liberated love of a national policeman and a mosso d'squadra as an overcoming of the Catalan conflict."
"Break free! being a mosso is not a crime, there is no conflict, send out the cry, liiiih! Break free! The best police body is that of that national".
"Take that big club out into the air, do not take it secretly. If it is fuet or if it is chistorra, better tastes well aerated."


"Freedom has a woman's name"

"An interpretation to the Valencian of 'freedom guiding the people', in a contemporary key, demanding the cessation of all sexist discrimination so that we are all truly free".

"Freedom is the name of a strong, confident woman, confident in leaving a mark on the world. Her loud and clear cry sounds!."
"But freedom, can only guide the people if those immobile machismo are truly killed".

"Opinion debauchery".

"The biased and uninformed opinion that runs through social networks is a false freedom, at the service of the oppressive powers that want us in chains".

"Since when do networks free anyone they capture? The falsehoods that murmur or make you enjoy, do not make you laugh".
"Tied as fair monkeys: it is the false freedom to say without fear for the networks. What obsession!"

"Freedom of worship".

"Religious freedom is a great modern conquest, but the new religion of money is its most perverse effect. It has also endowed herself with exculpatory rituals, such as the tax amnesty, exercised by the sect's high priest, an avid treasury minister".


"If you have used the freedom to defraud the treasury, do an examination of conscience, half an hour kneeling.."


"Come all to confess, kneel, defrauders! that here, for mercy, we will restore the honor."

"Have you seen how it is not worth looking for the tax haven? If you meet Montoro you will have celestial glory! Defrauds, neoliberal!"


"You only have to take refuge, under secrecy of confession, with the tax amnesty if you deduct attrition."

"Freedom of information".

"A couple of journalists, a couple in their personal lives but competitors for the audiences, happen to be an example of freedom of information in an area usually manipulated. The doubt makes us feel, nevertheless, when of the free information they make media spectacle".

william wallace

"William Wallace, defender of a people and their freedom. Know better combat? Will you find more honor? (Do not confuse his face, he is of clear ideas)."

Pastor and Ferreras

"Pastor, it's not because of the fever, but I'm 'Al rojo vivo'. Ferreras, remain calm, that you are 'El objetivo'".


"Is the true objective the freedom to inform, or is it just to gain an audience what they are going to seek?".

"Fierce Liberalism".

"Is there a greater absurdity than calling liberalism to that doctrine of oppression that Donald trump, the cowboy who rides the Wall Street bull, so rudely proclaims?
And what about that comparsa in the rodeo of the world order, supposed enemy of him, oppressor of North Korea?                         Actually, they coincide in almost everything ... even in the hairdresser!".

trump riding a bull

"Donald the most macho cowboy makes a rodeo with the Great Bull of Wall Street. He is the star of the World's most liberal show!."

Kim jong-un

"Kim from Korea plays the role of a bull preparer. With croquette aspect, it is the best comparsa (they are companions, they are good friends, combed by the enemy)".

"Rebellion in the classroom (for the freedom of harassed children)"

"Contemplate the scene and reflect on the need to face a problem that deprives children of freedom from the root of their lives".

teacher with children

"Master, welcome teacher, welcome me with your help. You are the example, and you are the refuge, when I feel sad and confused (against bullying, classrooms in Freedom!)".

williams wife

"William Wallace, lover of his clan and family. He saw his wife in the wake of losing. What a pain!".