Falla Pilar

"With sin goes penance"

Artist: Paco Torres.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 160.000 Euros.

Height:22 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Pza del Pilar

"It all started with a great serpent that offered humanity the apple of sin."

"As for the sins, tired of wandering through the universe they stagnated on Earth, a planet full of pride, wars, envy, football, rock & roll, sex, paella.."
"Above all, in the arrogance of international (and local) politicians, who in their desire to become masters of the world, are capable of self-destruction."
"With the lavish bike lane, which in Velluters looks like the Lane of Vice to make piss. So come to our place to sin, but with measure, because some sins carry their penance."


"La Moma goes in 'La Diablera' fleeing from the Momos with fear, that they can not find a way to pervert her heart."


Donald Trump is a kid, the pride takes, everything fixes with a firecracker, and that the other band pays it."


"This communist Putin of arrogance is left over, always has the troops ready and with a loaded missile."

kim jong un

"Kim Jong-Un to uranium stinks, arrogance drives him crazy, it's not to be kidded when he shows the red button".

Rajoy and Montoro

"Rajoy is like a chulapo, he manages the most vital topics, because like the 'capo', he has the 'Sins of Capitals'. "
                          "Montoro is also one of the masters, he accompanies him in this chotis, he gives us only four euros, which are improper here" .

Puig and Oltra

"Poor Ximo Puig to Madrid begs for alms, because he only receives rejection, he does not even have for the 'beret'. "
                          "Monica Oltra kneeling suffering 'Sins of Provinces' and is very upset for receiving manure and dirt".


fat fallero

"This fallero little works, the Gluttony has done 'checkmate' and gets fed up in Alboraya of fritters and chocolate".

"Lane of Vice"

Carabantes and Fuset

"Carabantes the hero, in the net a little fish, does not want to be the center of the rage of Fuset".

vice lane

"Valencia all traveled by fabulous bike lane and Grezzi reminded us that sweating has a benefit. "
                          "When going through Velluters becomes 'Lane of vice' through the streets looking for pleasure, the lust exercises."



"Puigdemont shits with sorrow and clings to purgatory to avoid the condemnation of the 'DUI' of the territory."


"The artist like last year, what he has left is very little and he finishes everything by auctioning on the web of 'fallapop'."

president of falla

"The president takes the prize, the titles and the medals, and is that he has signed up to the avarice guild with the faults."