Falla Regne Valencia

"That little mouth!"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 7th Special Section

Cost: 90.000 Euros.

Height:17 metres.

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"Mouths that deny. Mouths that affirm. Mouths that remain silent. smiling mouths Mouths that put problems. There are people who have their mouths like an accordion."

"And others who lose the force by the mouth. Many leave you with the word in your mouth, or they take it out of your mouth. That this is about mouths that are wrong and from mouths that never keep silent.
                          That's why we put together two literary characters who have always used and abused their mouths: Cyrano de Bergerac, who likened his nose to his huge and prosaic mouth, and Don Mendo, turned into a troubadour, who always seduced the most beautiful conquests .
                          They join forces in a flaw that is literary and very talkative."

"CYRANO DE BERGERAC. The story of a knight whose tongue and mouth made him play at every turn, in every joke and dialectical fight ... and what a nose! And what a mouth!."

cyrano and Roxana

"It is Cyrano known for its great prosapia. He can not stay silent, and he does not say anything about his nose!."


"With cleverness and a lot of cunning to Roxanne wants to conquer and plans some trickery ... for the boyfriend change!."

Roxanna boyfriend

"Her boyfriend is a young gentleman that the language does not control, because he has never used it ... and the girl does not like it!."

"THE REVENGE OF DON MENDO. Don Mendo lost all his patrimony when he let his mouth go by, playing cards he lost his mouth ...
He fell prisoner, being a victim of treason, fleeing and masquerading as a beautiful wandering troubadour."

don mendo

"Stars in the story of revenge and betrayal and a very famous minstrel that arouses admiration."


"Talk of wonder like a rhetoric adulator, and dazzle the maid, provoking his fury!."


"Alfonso is a mocked king by the speech of Don Mendo because the woman has left him and the anger goes in crescendo."

"Throw fire through your mouth"

"JGame of Thrones. Several houses of savage and violent rulers are battling in continuous wars to keep on seizing the throne of the whole world. Among them, the blond hair of the Khalesi waves over her dragon that spits fire."

"When he speaks, the bread becomes more expensive"

" PINOCHO. A wooden ninot messes up and is constantly wrong. Its creator manages the threads. A 'Pepito Grillo' whispers in his ear what he has to do at all times. The nose to the ninot grows and grows, and grows ... and that is that they have a little mouth ..."

"We never have to close our mouths"

" DON QUIJOTE OF LA MANCHA. Alonso Quijano had the most absurd of ideas: arm himself knight and fight against the windmills turned into giants, helped by his faithful Sancho."

trump and kim jong

"Trump wants to make a Game of Thrones to reign on the planet as they say, for their balls. Promoting a debacle."
"Kim Jong Un, the Korean also wants to win the earth and the animated one is foreseen. That are already in the war!"


"Long nose for a spell, that guy did the survey because he had a 'compromis' doing politics at the party !."
"Ribó is the great defender because he defends the chips of Fuset, the ruler who undoes our fallas."


"Don Quixote is knight that loquacious makes the defense of the artist if he is a fallero, because he only lives in the offense.
His Sancho to the race, already from afar has seen there in the city Fallera, the bullshit that they have paid.
                        A well-paid graffiti, a traffic light, and signs that have installed ... what a fake group!".

"Two more mouths"

"WHAT YOU CAN WAIT WHEN YOU ARE WAITING. When a child arrives, one more mouth to your house, all the daily aspects must be modified. But when two arrive, what happens? Well, at least we have health ... or even that!"

"In the mouth of the wolf"

" THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. Three poor inhabitants of a prosperous and fertile community receive the visit of a terrifying wolf that, in addition to not giving them anything, leaves them with one hand in front of the other, not to mention that it want to eat them ...what a darker mouth!"

family with twins

"Start a new life for two strain falleros. The illusion is already fulfilled and now they are what has to be done."

wolf and little pigs

"From the state to make a search, this wolf with the breath goes picking what it needs ... for Valencia ... a bitch!."

little pig

"In Valencia it is already known that we have great suffering because Spain has taken us only the unjust financing."

"The literary little mouths, which look like fiction, are no longer imaginary, they are made of cork and cardboard!
So this year we open our mouths, to speak without mercy, criticizing only the one who plays, especially if he has earned it .
                 And it is that you see the mouth as it warms up when criticizing, because the tongue, never quiet, you do not have to bite it."

"You have taken it from my mouth"

"THE BOOK OF GOOD LOVE. This is about love and what is to love in good company. And it's over, without looking at anything else. Well, yes, looking to not leave you, because when they say 'we have to talk' ... you've screwed up!"

dartboard and duke

"Duke of Bull, great cuckold, on TV devotes himself, because he wants to be the chosen of a good and lean girl".

arrows in bullseye

"In 'married' was funny, and was already well tied .. so it looks for a grace that takes it hot!".

"In 'first dates' they recommended that he stop talking and to eat mud they sent him, they left him!".

"Pio pio that i was not"

"THE REPUBLIC. The myth of the cave is an allegory about life and thought ... and some live in such a cave that they never think or what they say ... I believe that we will never leave the cave!"

"Being on everyone's lips"

"IT. A diabolical clown terrorizes a quiet city, bringing panic to its streets and making insecurity our daily bread. Orange hair is one of its characteristic features."

"By the mouth dies the fish"

"MOBY DICK. A white whale, patronized by being unique in the world, is besieged by hunters and harpooners madmen who indiscriminately throw their sharp weapons on their backs. Will they end it?."


"We'll find Esteban in the corral, screaming, because the woman is gale when she screams!".


"Valencia is a verbena, because you do not know where you move, and it's Grezzi's job that, in effect, touches the balls!".
"A yayo asks Grezzi to go to the market, what time does the 'trezzi', because the schedule has changed!

whale and hunter

"It represents our party this beautiful and marine being, and as you see, whoever hates it wants to hunt it as booty".
"The animal has already hunted on the side they write, a big harpoon they have nailed and from their power they boast".

"Zas,in the mouth"

"THE IMAGINARY SICK An imaginary patient thinks he is very serious, it is a hypochondria that brings problems for those around him, he thinks that he has a Spanish disease and that he can be cured with a little of independence."

"From mouth to mouth"

"FALLERO REGULATIONS. The 'magna carta' of the fallas, does not like much and you have to make a congress to change it. When? whenever the fallero wants, not when the politicians want."

rajoy and puigdemont

"Crazed by the Puigdemont ideology, he sees himself as he is: an imaginary patient ... all because of a 'process'!"

"From a Spanish formula the application has been made, to see if in his head the depression is gone!"