Child Falla Zapadores

"Looking for happiness"

Artist: Angel Navarro.

Prize: 8th special section.

Cost: 19.000€.

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"Always trying to find it in the most superficial things of our day to day, when it really finds itself in the simplest things."                          


"We are deceived to think that happiness is found in things that can be touched."

"The happiness so important that we all look for, sometimes we have it in front of us and we do not realize."

"Older man and tired for life is loaded, but although old man, seems to have finally found happiness."

"In an ideal city at the top of the mountain he is, and the inhabitants happy to see him arrive they want to celebrate it."


"The girl from the city wants to make a kind welcome, to the old man who is arriving and a gift wants to give him."

mary poppins

"Fabulous feminine and beloved character, with whom many grew up imagining a wonderful world."

"Mary Poppins is named after her and through laughter and games she educated the children, making them realize what is happiness as a masterful lesson."


"Like at home nowhere ... is what our snails think."

"So they carry it on it, although small, it is good and warm and they will not be bothered by anyone."


"It can be a lot of fun to imagine a new friend, with whom to laugh and snack, no matter that it is even a dragon."

"We are going to the moment of not enjoying with toys, but we can take advantage of playing an entire afternoon like when we were children."

"Humans, plants or animals all deserve to be cared for, so we will work valiantly, trying to make sure that no one lacks happiness in their environment, having the pleasant feeling of a job well done."

girl with animals

"Caring and respecting is a fundamental thing and it fills us with happiness to help others".

girl with fish

"At the bottom of the sea by marine nature surrounded may be another option, which makes us think that happiness is found".

girl with whale

"Swimming with the whale and full of tenderness can be caressed, it will be the best sign that we have found it there".

"Happy it can also be when it rains and we bathe, that to notice the water on the face, beautiful feeling is".

"To dance while it rains the rain invites us, and dances with the girl very happy and fun".


"That dreams are whimsical and sometimes a little strange ... or has someone seen in the sky someone sailing with a sailboat?".

"Free is the girl and fantastic journey makes, noticing the wind in the face and filled with happiness".

girl reading

"Reading is essential, we should never forget it, because it feeds the spirit and culture will fill us."


"That reading a book to many places we will go, making the hours go by quickly."

"Of adventures well moved or stories of other times, being able to be very happy protagonists we will be."

girl playing music

"When the music sounds with sweet melody, the senses awaken and everything beautiful becomes."

girls of the world

"In the world we are many people, customs and different skin colors, but when you know them, little by little you realize that in the end, we are not so different."

"As humans we all are, good people and scarcity are in all places, but we can bring good things from different cultures and traditions."

"When love arrives between the male and the female, all the rest is a cloud where everything is full happiness."

"That the one without the other incomplete are, and no matter what they have, the important thing is to be together forever."

"Sometimes when we travel we also find happiness, thus fulfilling dreams by making them a reality."

"Sometimes searching, searching, we find that in traveling is happiness."

"So we are going to travel to be able to always admire monuments and customs of the world, which will make our illusion become a reality."


"They bring brushes and colors to handfuls, to give colorful and happy brushstrokes to his long life and thus give happiness."


"If on earth we do not find the happiness we want, we will try to go higher and with a fantastic plane we will go up."