Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Do not tell anyone"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Prize: 5th Special Section. 1st talent and grace.

Cost: 137.500 Euros.

Height: 14 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Cadarso-Altea

"Since ancient times, gossip, rumors, lies, have been the order of the day."

"Progress has made these evolve to the point of generating tools to make it easier for them to have more diffusion, appearing the 'fake news' and the post-truth among others."

New ways of flirting gives us cyberspace, it is practiced safely and from home, if you leave the session open you can have a scare.
Contacting people in a furtive way can be done on the contact pages, where by putting filters on the photos you will be a diva
You will not tell anyone what you do alone, but going around and searching the web, finding your partner will not be the first case.

Tavern Bad 'La Roja' Galiana did not know the ordeal that awaited her the day she accepted the fallas regury, because reality surpassed fiction.

In front of the table was the head of Fuset, as if it were the head of Juan Bautista, from that day Ribó would be well distracted.

You do not have to tell anyone anything because everyone knows it, that Grezzi is not very timely.

Twitter is like a bar, the tone of the atrocities can rise, from opening time to closing time.

A country with 17 different realities, the leaders of South America laugh, they also have to keep everyone happy.

That they do not find out about our division, each autonomy makes its march, making each other tough opposition.

Do not tell anyone but they envy us, no matter how much they mess with the Spanish, Evo and Morales imitating us, they hate being seen.

If something disrupts the fallera peace, it is the damn whatsapp groups, where you could end up as a chocolatier.

Like little rats they work for setting up a falla, sometimes they all walk together and united they go hand in hand and pull for theirs if there is a euro to be won.

The eroticism of power is palpable in the Special Section, where everyone tries to bring information from others, promising not to tell it and it will immediately go viral.

Even playing to the limit of the norms, journalists of the heart extort by creating sometimes enormous problems.

To Jorge Javier, that of not counting in his head never happens in his life, every afternoon he has to crack someone.

Trump will surely be freaking out to see how he cannot fix the disaster in Afghanistan.

As if Captain Thunder were, he had yelled at Presi Biden to make war both on time.

With more rudimentary methods to the Americans they are going to defeat, people who do not even have an argument.

Fallas satisfaction gives the satis-faller, without knowing if the heat is due to the summer or because the fallas have returned to the street.

Do not tell anyone what happens to me, that planting the fallas in summer makes me so hot that I go crazy.

Prudently and with great discretion, she heatedly tells her friend that the satis-faller is a revolution.