Falla El Pilar

"Hunting gamusinos"

Artist: Paco Torres.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

Cost: 187.000 Euros.

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"Hunting is an activity that has accompanied humans since prehistoric times, with the aim of ensuring their survival."

"In our case the matter is hunting gamusinos, an imaginary animal that has been the object of a joke, to novice hunters but also to children and hikers. The most common joke consists of convincing the novice that the gamusino is an elusive species that can only be hunted at night and under certain conditions."

"Thus in our falla, a hunter is determined to go hunting for gamusinos, accompanied by different civilizations that have also decided to join in the attempt to find these unreal animals."

They come from the five continents with the intention of hunting some very unusual animals that are in the Plaza del Pilar.

La gran caza fallera
The figure of the Fallera Mayor has the status of divinity, just browse, where the comb is exclusive!

Five bellicose falleras are dressed with espolí, they do not want to hunt gamusinos, they want precious combs! for
Suddenly a procession invades this entire scene does not seem to be religious, nor does it look like an offering.
The Procession of Santa Peineta is very topical, rivers of ink are dedicated to it, leaving the falla monument marginalized.

On the hunt for fantasy
The Marchioness feels pain and the man wants to remedy it, the Golden Visa does not work here nor burning the Mastercard.

The Marquises of Parné are currently short-listed, but they do not have much faith in experiencing a celebration.
Pepi is the candidate and the girl is a sweetheart, but the shot backfires, it will not be a Court of Honor!
La Pepi is a pumpkin carrier, her father promises her paradise, the chances are slim: not even pretending to be from Compromís!

The two parrots from the neighborhood come from the other side of the river to gossip about what is planted: they have a danger ... radioactive!
They come loaded with weapons in case everything ends in battle, let's turn on the alarms: we have to give the 'SIZE'!

They go greeting the 'friends' and in passing they observe the hunt, they like the trouble and more in making bait.

Witch hunt Today nine professional hunters arrive at our plaza, they have finally removed their masks: the 'Special' Forces Group!
They boast of democracy and want to safeguard the trade, they consider themselves the aristocracy and that implies SAFRIFICE!
They want to return to censorship and the strictest repression, it seems like a total dictatorship commanded by a certain Mengó.
They agree in several meetings to have all the same measure, some of them go through the balls, endangering their life!

falla el pilar 2021

Falla Regne: They put him at the end of the queue and Miki does not seem happy, they have punched him again and he yells Badly!
Falla Almirante Cadarso: He goes to the rhythm of a parade from the Expo of Ninot, to avoid the 'tongo' in the vote count.

falla el pilar 2021

Falla Antiga: The top is scared with a sense of bewilderment, because the dreaded pirate 'Jolivert' attacks without mercy.
Falla Exposición:He arrives flying from Mestalla and about to knock down the pylon, Manolito never throws in the towel and gives his life for Exposición!.

Witch hunt The 'Platform of indignant' sets up a great camp, a united and altered gang, whose spirits are heated.
They are cutting this 'PILLAR' with will and dedication, they will find an opposition: in the form of sly wit!

falla el pilar 2021

Falla Cuba-Azorín: 'The Cuban' is pissed off, he notes sadness and pain, they have left him abandoned: he no longer has Fallera Mayor!

falla el pilar 2021

Falla Convento: This Venetian gondolier has made a martingale, going all the way up but he ... doesn't care.

Hunting for a dream Our representatives are here on parades, a traditional and fallero act, and unfortunately, dying.
They want to hunt the same dream so that it can come true: to celebrate an extraordinary year by sharing joy and happiness.

The great Calderón de la Barca said that 'dreams are dreams', getting the '17' is the mark for the best Falla in the world!

'El Litri' is an illustrious fallero, calm, peaceful and somewhat soft, he dreams of getting a First and having one more span of neck.
Sherlock is a purebred dog, affectionate, friendly and educated, he dreams of having good hunting: 'God bless the jury!
Aitana and Javier are two cousins of a famous Fallas family, who dream that the gamusinos bring emotions ... and tears!
The beautiful Maria Albors this year is our Fallera Mayor, she dreams that the jury will get the most out of a falla 'without limits' of humor.

Hunting the vital feeling
This thousand-year-old Blaugrana heart full of love and a long history belongs to a sovereign fan that dreams of achieving glory!

Year 3020 and the city of Valencia has suffered wars and Armageddon, but a resistance has been formed that takes care of the best Club in the world.
The granota is happy and the cat climbs the palm tree. Do you know what that means? that is out of danger, the true granota essence!

The leader is born in Madrid but with a great Blaugrana heart, he is Commander Moraltrix, of Fallas blood and already Valencian.
The resistance cries out loud: This team will be triumphant, and we will defend the shield to the death forever. Macho Levante!

He coordinates the operations of these Resistant patriots, none surpasses him in bollocks and of course, not in balls either!
The other City team had no present or future for that reason they have moved and now play ... in Singapore!

She was the children's Fallera Mayor until the fateful March 10, now it is at a youth age it has become famous and popular.

Without warning she had the visit of those who never make joy, and it was not the spirit of Na Rita: it was another 'Lady in red'.

She is 'Mary_lyn Fluencer' the great queen of Tik Tok, she is not much in the fallero world: she has a million followers!
All her publications spread good vibes and happiness, but Marilyn has palpitations when her battery runs out!

She does not want to wear the comb and the dress is too small for her, she is a teenager and different, her world is the internet.
She tells 'stories' like a parrot, speaking to the rhythm of reggaeton, she does not rule out living in Andorra, so many taxes are a nightmare.

The small hunting
Pilar was a native of Valencia and full of life and sweetness, her innocence was stolen at once to live a horror film.
She met on Instagram a charming and kind man, he was a hunter looking for blood, depraved, deranged and devil!
Pilar had to endure torture, mockery and aberrations from an untamed pack: we'll cut them the balls off!
Pilar had no 'luck' in this terrifying event, we condemn her death and we don't want any more!

Caution, gamusinos zone (also cretin zone)
A pirate flag flies in the upper part of the carriage, at the party there are a lot of rats that we pay tribute here.
They dream of hunting gamusinos and everything that is needed, be it marine mammals or some sick seagull.

We do not know in the falla what the final result will be, but winning this war is the main objective!
They have a warrior character and great strength to fight, that is the fallera hope of all the people of Pilar!

'Yayo Bola' has knowledge and speaks to them in good Valencian, he hates all the indoctrination that Marzá tries to force.
'The Valencian legends' has read the yayo to his grandchildren and to spare with great enthusiasm, they are in 'Little soldiers mode'.

Hunting for lost time
Ribó intends to hunt a 'dolphin' that he commands in the City Hall. Pere is anguished by his fate, will it be Valencia or Picassent?
He refuses to stop being a leader, because it causes him pain in the chest, but the group of Cheerleaders choose another as their favorite.

Ximo, the Secretary General arrives playing the trumpet, he also wants to hunt the bird, doing the La Fonteta show.
A sad melody plays us that seems like goodbye to all of us, but always with courage, he says goodbye ... 'ximo the brief'

This 'Primo' and temperate boy comes to put order in the falla, he deals in luxury in Health, he loves to wear the medal.
Below is the male goat who now follows a vegan diet, since its master makes it depressed and feeds on 'marijuana'.

He shows off with the Fallas side and his limb hardens, happy to open the parade of the Fallas .. of september!
The rhythm of this parade is marked by the sound of the cornet, he has the troops well guarded, observing from the right!