Falla Antiga Campanar

"We are of colors"

Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

"The world is colour, we are all colours... and lately we are seeing them come in all colours.

This falla wants to paint reality with colors, color faces and blush their scenes. We are colors and we are colored.
There are situations that are only one color, monochrome; others are in two colors, black and white. there are also some that contain a large scale of greys, and that admit a thousand nuances.

There are Pantones that govern the colors of this life, such as passion red or sadness blue. And colors of impossible names and improbable combinations. There are colors for all tastes, and there will be colors in this falla starring the personifications of the basic colors and their combinations, as if they were deities, observing and monitoring the use of each hue.
Political, social, falleros colors and of all kinds will not be missing in a falla that will bring out the colors of more than one person."

"You have 'pantones' made to measure that tint our spirit with a joy painted by life or with the sadness of the deceased.
We are colors that claim because they want to repaint, this world of fire and flame and in La Antiga this year to set up.
With colors we will criticize and with ingenuity we will paint."

"Here are these goddesses of universal color, who tempting us make promises in a heavenly way.
Some carry our glory, others carry illusion, some are mortal error and others are perdition.
And one color will remain... 'the one with the fire in the cremá!"

White society "Society today is white, very correct and more prudent, since being critical is a joke... one never expects someone different.
The poison of being correct, of giving opinions white as snow, is a pandemic that infects it with affection a chorus.
That heart, insane voices, you can find it on social media!"

Passion red "Passional is the red that unleashes what drives you so crazy... both you... and the lady.
Polyamory, open couple, Tidner, Grinder, Meetic, more... in passion you have a good offer, be strong or just a kiss!.
You have to show your palm, be it fig or... parakeet.."

Planet Blue "It is the blue of sadness that paints our Earth, because the world suffers from a danger that terrifies us.
Like a 'blues' with woe she sings, sweet and sad, sick with pollution...'for a world that's half mad!
she carries the serpent poisoned and also... polluted. "

Sustainable Yellow "Sustainable solution she brings to the planet, being necessary to take action in a very concrete way.
Reduce, reuse, and as a whole, keep it measured and don't forget to have to win this game!
Doves will fly... and the message will tell! "

Going Green
"The wise men who see fallas are mercilessly ripping artists, made waste... without having... reason.
With the Fallas they make few successes when they talk about ephemeral art, many stubborns are expert people who want to kill you 'first'.
Whether in the 'forum' or in the squares... don't you want broth? 'Have two cups!"

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

"-14 meters? It is all a plot to sink those who bet and set up a falla. losers! nor that everything depended on reducing volume.
-It's a falla of your style. I expected more. Disappointing.
-And with this faulty keychain do you want to win?
-They gave him the first just for being the son of who he is!
-Na, a chestnut...what a finish! waht scenes! I knew it would please.
-The octopus, look at the octopus. Yes, it has suffered the worst Dana fallera in history and the falla almost fell...but look at the octopus...disaster. "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

Valencia in grey
"Like 'Roman Holidays' lives the passionate idyll of the couple with the joke that screwed up the staff.
Grezzi does what he likes because Ribó lets him do it, and Valencia is can't move in the dunghill!
A dunghill of worms and garbage and rats... good stuff."

Orange Valencia
"The pissed off minotaur has found himself without warning, marked labyrinth... by grace... from Compromís.
Orange Zone and Green Zone, more signs than at the airport... Hey, everything is screwed up, and in rush hour... you're dead!
The APR inside the center also gives you a bad stomach."

"Pissed off and with antlers, he adds to the summation, a certain style that repels him and that reflects the consistory.
What if he puts Wizard Queens, and other shitty things... like half-vampire rats.
You see filling all the districts...rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes!"

Painting Spain
"In First of Democracy they are trying to get justice, but some boys with no color grace are painting it.
They are painting the blind lady with electoral colors, strategic politics that turn out to be fatal.
Both right and left with colors go to war. "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

"Pedro Sánchez wants to paint the lady all red, because he seeks to control our State at all times.
Constitutionalist in blue wanted Feijoo painted, but in the middle of such a sarao... he has run out of paint.
And painting, like fools... they are looking to win the votes! "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

"Combining red and yellow with a fairly thick liquid, Ruffian makes the paint to match... for the pardon of the 'Prusés'.
And for annoying the party, Abascal, brush in hand, from behind a Spanish flag hits him. "

Black Future
"Here it is, as a dark augur, of a present that terrifies us, black lineage, black future, of disasters, famine and war.
The way this world is going today, making hatred the flag, the fine future does not appear... what can come is the pear!.
Less hate, you need more heart and put the world ... color! "

Spend the night in white
"Thinking that he is sleeping has created confusion in him, because the boy is living it and in fact... he has already shit himself!
Terror nightmare that seems to be funeral, we will suffer with great fear, if we put... the news.
Look now who suffers... with that you can't sleep!"

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

"A DANA by fallas makes the sky thunder, and Russia's battles in a nuclear zone.
Many fires and abrasion, the sea is polluted, prices rise due to inflation... the world seems like a bitch! "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

Turn Purple
"Here you see that a boy who looks like a saint is having a party, but he gives us the tabarra... it's Froilán... of all the Clubs!
His guard has good cubatas, guarding the real boy, and they run away to the after, of which Froilán is a regular.
As much as the boy does crap, he is the pride of his grandfather! "

Getting the colors out of us
"This Royal Family seems to be a joke, because it is such a brutal show that it is very embarrassing.
What a family, goddamn, and now we have to swallow, because he has the emeritus...heir... who can even surpass him! "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

Red Queen
"Letizia is as straight as a stick
Imagine a family dinner at the Palace when the mother-in-law is going to well she likes her!
Her husband's family .. gives her bad digestion!"

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

Prince Charming
"Felipe is a hope to have a monarchy, everything will be if the boy doesn't get tired... the parents make agony!
His father has given him a headache almost daily, for the money and for a turnip... untying him his ordeal!
And on his head that crown, by the weight you see that it sinks .. "

falla Antiga Campanar 2023

Green Old Man
"He lived galore as a Palyboy master: a 'full throttle' life.
Some 'chatis' for the pasta were close to his highness, but the man said enough .. and it will not be for beauty!
He's going to fuck the crown, Corina .. what a woman! "

Color freedom
"Icarus today wants to paint with different colors of love a whole world that must be loved... more than a world, they are universes!
The colorful flags represent groups and the conquered struggles that are flames and embers.
Long live the tonality of our diversity."

Pardoned ninot Fallas 2023