Falla Convento Jerusalén

"For a fistful of euros"

Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 3rd Special Section.

Cost: 255.000 Euros.

"Updated revision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

In today's society there are workers, smacks, grateful stomachs, but always linked to economic power. Over time, everything goes back to being like in a town in the Wild West, where everyone fights over a fistful of euros.

The Indian boy contemplates how his education has become a game of roulette in a casino, with Rufián and Aragonés as dealers. On the gallows, Griñán hopes to be pardoned. Leaders of some countries do not tolerate freedom of the press and opponents have their mouths covered and detained.
A citizen tied to a totem is tortured with taxes by the Treasury, while the government and television stations cheer on the action. Commissions cannot meet on the casal if they have an 'intense' neighbor."

"We have spent our lives playing the Indian and filling the box of hate to the top.
Indians and cowboys, guilty or innocent. Parents of present hatreds and conflicts".

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

"Those who occupy no longer worry as of today. The sheriff will put peace and the problem will put an end."

"After much thinking about what is the truth, distinguishing between good and bad is outrageous."

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

"History always has winners and losers. Some are faithful to their ideas and others are sold out."

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

"But if it happens to you that you have to fight, grab the rifle to defend your house.
And if history tells us that the good guys were the Indians, some would be outraged and some would make a toast."

Everyone has the right to education
"The government puts studies on the wheel and everything that sounds like Castilian vein.
Is it an exercise of democracy and harmony? God bless these politicians."

We all have the right not to suffer torture
"Echenique and Sánchez work as witches, but what they want is for her to go crazy."

We all have the right to be part of the governments of their countries
LThe battles in the congress make it look like a saloon. It has the same image but everyone wants to be the champion.
The right to be a politician should be reviewed. This is not a good example of stealing.
A government expert in playing the Indian and criticizing, authorizing the grayest thing you can imagine.

Not all falleros have the right to be eternal
"The Barrachina and Segura are legendary. Without them, the convent would not be a pure falla.
If they had been forbidden to meet, the So Nelo hostel would be an empty place."

We all have the right to be equal before the law
The pardon is not only for the ninots, it is for those who fell into sinkholes.

"Since they put the fallero house down, that has become a mecca of pleasure.
If you have to throw a firecracker or set it on fire, you must have permission and know a little about everything.
So the delirious norms of a new party, where the fault is passed and the orchestra is preferred.
Angry many look at them from the street, instead of complaining I would give you my love.
And the treasurer always shoots the masclet, even if it's a spill it would have to be done."

"For a fistful of euros they fight, for whoever it takes they act."

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

Everyone has the right not to be subjected to slavery
"In the north you will not be a slave, no matter what, your rights will be voted for by force.
You will have few rights and many will be the obligations, the dream of a better life will vanish at times.
It is a right not to be a slave, but being obedient is the key."

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

Right to freedom of expression

falla Convento Jerusalén 2023

Everyone has the right to a fair job