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Child Falla Convento Jerusalén

"The Wizard of Oz-one"


Prize:   4th special section.

Artist: Javier Fernández Ruiz.


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The animals of the story defend the planet from the imminent climatic change.

"This year we want to show an ecological and singular falla to you
So fashionable it is ozone that we make here with it a complete reference
And we will do with the story 'the Wizard of Oz' sketches and similarities with our falla, explaining the way to act and solutions to restrain the climatic change in this earth in which we live and we love."

"We begin with Dorothy and Totó, protagonists of the story. They hopelessly looked the form for returning home, here represent the children of the world, that wish to keep and to take care of the nature so that the Earth returns to have the color of the 'Emerald' city: The green."


"In their way by the road of yellow tiles they meet with the 'tin Man', that in the story looked for a heart hopelessly because he wanted to love the things, and here we have represented him with the recycling and the love for the nature that we have all those who help recycling.
Containers everywhere for paper, glass, tins and plastics of which if we do a good use have more lives than cats."


"By her side there is the scarecrow that a brain is looking for, and here surrounded by birds symbolizes in our little falla the restrain of desertification, faced with the triumph of the green places and taken care of places that we all wish to have.
Taking care of our nature and the environment, the green and fresh landscapes will give of side to the warm deserts fullof cactus."



"And splendid and majestic we have to the Lion, that in the story looked for the courage, symbolizing here the merit that nowadays have many animal species of not disappearing by the extinction danger."


"Continuing with our story and already all together, helped by the great wizard who tops our falla (the ozone layer even with the hole), they fought in our earth in front of the black witch of the story (in this case the contamination) to keep and to conserve the planet earth properly ...green and with leafy forests, plnety of water rivers,... a great animal diversity and pure air that we all breathe well."


Child Falla Convento Jerusalén

"And thus is how the story finishes, all will get to obtain what they looked for and will finish the story like all... with a happy end."

"Let's care the nature among all of us, and we will be able to live much better and be healthy".

"In summary, a little falla in which we want to teach the children the importance of taking care of our nature, doing one's bit and little by little being able to reduce the hole of the ozone layer ."



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