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Winner of 2008 was children falla ofExposición-Mascó besides having the pardoned child ninot, made it after four consecutive victories of Nou Campanar. Both Fallas, Exposición and Nou Campanar were worthy to gain the first prize.

Another very interesting falla was the one of Sueca-Azorín which was awarded the third prize. The children falla of the city council was about celebrations in Valencia, was also very good and according with the great level reached by children fallas.


Falla Ayuntamiento

"A city in full festivity"

Monuments of the city are holding up to the characters that star in the more important festivities.

Exposición-Mascó - 1st Prize.

"Eureka" - Pardoned Ninot

Origins of inventions are part of history.

Nou Campanar - 2nd Prize.

"They were children first"

They want to be a famous painter, a well known musician, an awarded scintific ... but they are still children.

Sueca-Azorín - 3rd Prize.


The cavalcade of noise arrives at the crossing of the Sueca street with Literato Azorín. Will be the waking up of the little fallera girl?

Convento Jerusalén - 4th Prize.

"Wizard of Oz-one"

The animals of the tale defend the planet against the inminent climatic change.

Alameda-Av Francia - 5th Prize.

"Theater in the attic"

In a rainy day the children take refuge in the attic, full of old things, books and old furniture.

Cadarso-Altea - 6th Prize.

"Told tales, are already changed"

Fairy godmother's granddaughter inherits the family business and miliar and decides to give a new air to some old fashioned stories.

Pza Pilar - 11th Prize.

"Grandmother's recipes"

The grandmother is cooking her traditional dishes. All the pots and pans have turned alive and the grandchildren are helping enthusiastically.

Na Jordana - 12th Prize.


The planet needs urgent actions to assure a pleasant future.

Regne Valencia - 15th Prize.

"Adventures in the water"

Granpas practice water ski and arrive to a lost island in the ocean.

Other Fallas

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