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Falla Na Jordana

"This year with Ñ"

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Celebrations for eating and drinking

"Let's go everyone of celebration to Requena, squashing grapes will be our task.
A young boy hasn't washed his feet. A crazy celebration that plans to fill the wineskin, it will be a grat sin if there remains a single drop.
The soup that loosen their feet considers like juice of the Gods ".


Celebrations with battles.

"They get ready to throw flowers, the fallera, town councillor, the major and to hit the target among the audience.
With a racket the greater fallera breaks the shovels and four teeth to which it is going to win in his sector".


"This year the night of the planta will be followed with the Palm Sunday and is an enigma to know how it will finish.
Masclets followed by trumpets will make a very little religious sound, while the night festival for the childrens sounds".

Falla Sueca-Azorín




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