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Children Falla Convento Jerusalén

"Rebellion in the nursery"


Prize:   1st special section.
3rd prize of Talent and Grace.

Artist: Javier Fernández Ruiz.


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The eventful journeys and adventures in an infantile nursery.

Those who take the children to the nursery, either grandparents, weeping mothers or nursemaids.
The teachers, calm or sharp.
A cow gives milk to everybody for having an afternoon snack.
Pregnant mothers sign for the nursery waiting list.

"As usual, on monday morning the nursery 'little angels' open its doors"

"At the door is awaiting 'Amalia' ... the teacher expectant as always wants to welcome us ... without thinking about what is going to happen."


"Sento and Pepita, 'the grandparents' take their grandchildren to the school...starting this way our story in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."


"In the door 'Elena', the mother, cries heartbroken when leaving her daughter... the child also crying participates in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."

"los pequeños se deleitan con un concierto de lloros en 'Rebellion in the nursery'."

"they play to throw plates and to stain themselves of flour in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."


"In the room of activities they play with 'Margarita', the calmer teacher in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."


"at the time of having an afternoon snack they strive in choosing the milk that pleases them more in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."


"in the moment for changing the diapers the children start playing in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."


"even the children of the waiting list have revolted in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."

"In short and as conclusion… a revolutionary history and where the children 'all little angels' are the protagonists in 'Rebellion in the nursery'."



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