Children Falla Na Jordana

"We also have made history"


Prize:  12th special section.

Artist: Vicente Llácer.


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"Remember all the children who come to memory and will have a fulfilled story filled with facts "

"Na Jordana celebrates the one hundred twenty-five complete years, and to the celebrations join the children"

"For the falla they work, doing heat, rain or fog, and with pride all we will say, We also have made history"


"The little falleros have found a hard task which instead of painting, today there was sculpture contest".

"And as they are all brave, and without going away, they have taken cork, and at the moment, they have modeled the little falla ".

"The delegate of infantile every time mades it more difficult".

"With that of which we are the future, she is adopting a hard-line approach".


The children were and are very important in the daily history of the celebration of the fallas. They were, they have been and they will be the future and the continuity of the falla: the illusion.

Tribute in particular to those falleros children of the District of the Carmen, who lost his popular enchantment, although today the children are able to recover it because they keep deluded by their falla, of course, Na Jordana, that turns 125 years.



"The market is pleasant, gentlemen, the fishmonger shouted, offering to people, the fish of its counter".

"Today I have the fish and seafood, fished in the crest of the wave, by sailors with great risk, in the Sea of the Patacona".


"It was Captain Milá that ignited a great string of bangers, from the globe that emphasizes, in the first set up of falla".

"And with telescope he admired the great future of the falla, that year after year always pleases, the spirit of Na Jordanan".


Children Falla  Na Jordana

"The venerable couple , the Uncle Paco and Pepica, go in a convertible, thrown by a donkey "

"They arrive at Na Jordanan , driving the all terrain, for when they desire, stop to enjoy the landscape"

Children Falla  Na Jordana

"A pleasure was the night watchman, the great guardian of the night, who instead of being in the bed, watched over the streets"

Children Falla  Na Jordana

"Of the old professions, if did not please to you to study, there was the recycling, harvesting of the street dungs "

"dammit!! it seems to me that it will be better to finish school"

"Don't you smeel a rare scent?. It was not me!"



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