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Falla: Ciscar-Burriana

Prize: 8º Special section. Artists: Rafael and Raul Martinez.

"Popular games, for plants and animals" the little animals are playing gemes for children. And , of course, it make us laugh as they are not ready for that.

Falla Ciscar-Burriana


Falla Ciscar-Burriana



Falla: Quart-Palomar

Prize: 15th Special Section. Artist: Carlos Borrás.

"Mother nature" About the environment, in defense of the nature, and denouncing the melting of the poles and the contamination that affects to our Earth. A girl, representing the mother nature, is giving the Earth a baby's bottle with all the necessary cares, while the animals give heat and help.

Falla Quart-Palomar


Falla Quart-Palomar


Falla Quart-Palomar



Fallas first section

Falla Mercado Central

Falla: Mercado Central.

2nd prize, first section.

Falla Joaquín Costa-Altea

Falla: Joaquín Costa-Altea.

9th prize, first section.

Falla Mercado Central



Falla Mercado Central

Falla: Av. Oeste.

15th prize, first section.


Falla Castellón-Segorbe

Falla: Castellón-Segorbe.


Fallas second and third sections

Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzatti

Falla: San Vicente-Periodista Azzatti.

5th prize, Second Section.

Falla Pza Merced

Falla: Pza Merced.

11th prize, third section.

Falla Isabel la Católica-Amorós

Falla: Isabel la Católica-Amorós.

1st prize, third section.


Fallas other sections

Falla Gozalbo-Altea

Falla: Gozalbo-Altea.

1st prize Fourth Section.

Falla Pie de la Cruz-Villarrasa

Falla: Pie de la Cruz-Villarrasa.

1st prize fifth section.

Falla Cuba-Puerto Rico

Falla: Cuba-Puerto Rico.

2nd prize Fourth Section.


Falla Monteolivete

Falla: Monteolivete.

2nd prize fifth section.

Falla Bolsería-Tros Alt

Falla:Bolsería-Tros Alt.

2nd prize ninth section.

Falla Pza Dr. Collado

Falla: Pza Dr. Collado.

12nd prize seventh section.


Falla Cuba-Buenos Aires

Falla: Cuba-Buenos Aires.

Eleventh section.





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