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Falla Pizarro-Cirilo Amorós


"Travel in time"

Prize:  7th special section.

Artist: Vicente Martinez Aparici.

Cost:   160.000 Euros.

Height:  17 metres.


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The inventor and scientist Cirilo Pizarro get ready to travel in the fantastic time machine.

"First he moves to the remote past, to a lost galaxy, with a primitive human race where the leader of the tribe receives to him with distrust in threatening attitude."

"Later he moves to the distant and strange, but hopeful future, to a technologically supermodern planet. There he meets Valentia, the female leader of the government."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós


Falla Pizarro-Amorós


Falla Pizarro-Amorós


"Since then a series of personages have dared to leave their time, towards the unexpected."


"Colón discovers América nowadays."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós


"He says he will not disembark while Fidel is there. But the reality is crude because to this “element” the battery,laaaast and laaast, more than those of duracel."

"And if he says something will face the “small parrot”, as only the King makes him shut up. The King madee him shut uo saying the phrase “why you do not shut up”."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós



Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"Black and white cinema travel to the time of the color."

"Velázquez: 'What have you done to my child?'."

"Velázquez has already realized that Pablo versioned his 'Meninas'. Travel to the last century and when he sees them so strange ask Picasso: ¿what have they do to you to paint them this way?."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"Velázquez travels to the XX centrury and meets Picasso."


"A child from the postwar period travel to nowadays."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"He was always in the streets, playing to the jump rope, and throwing the spinning top."

"Talking by the messenger, replying an SMS, get hooked with the play, just thinking of it .... you get stressed."

"Nonesencial discussion"

"Ximet:do you want to play with me?"


"X:do we play with spinning top?"

"J:and how many levels have that?"

"X:what are levels?"

"J:you are joking?"

"X:joking? do you want a sandwich with olive oil and salt?"

"J:your are crazy guy!"

"X:i don't understand you, what language do you speak?"

"J:he is not from this century"

Falla Pizarro-Amorós



Falla Pizarro-Amorós




Falla Pizarro-Amorós


"Cleo, that great woman as can be seen, has arrived to “Mercabona” to buy donkey milk."

"She gets to the right place, more than a thousand milk products, on 'donkey' she is seeking, that mades a fine skin."

"oh my god!, she can't find it and start searching through. Vegetable, it's funny, of Bifidus...to have a shit, whole milk and and without fat, and “Greek” for..., it doesn't matter, but "donkey's"..., mine, nothing, even of "Hacendado"."

Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"Cleopatra travels to the XX centrury seeking her 'milk'"


Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"Mozart travels to 1991 to the disco route".

Falla Pizarro-Amorós

"Amy Winehouse travels to prehistory."

"This musa of the extreme partying, the excess and the delirium in its last trip, is driving crazy to this man."

"Our Ximo Bayo lookgin for inspiration, invokes to Amadeus, requesting a favor."

"When he arrives gets impregnated of all the pary, music machine, and becomes crazy."

"Ximo prepares him a brilliant route, he begins friday after midday, go to Remember, Nod and to Espiral, Amadeus shouts "I am deluded". "

"It turns day and enter Masia, when the sun attacks stop in Barraca. In Spook in Sunday, they take another one. By Chocolate they stop both to four legs and the route is ended with both "a bit crazy"."



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