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Falla Antiga de Campanar

"The hour of the truth"

Artist: Juanjo Armengol y Venancio Cimas.

Cost:   150.000 Euros.

Height:  18 metres.

Prize:  12 special section.


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The magician Guardian of the Earth keep an eye on the climate with a thermometer trying to save the planet from the hell, where the four elements, water, fire, earth and air are suffering the consequences of the climatic change.

"Air, water, fire and earth, swearing in the four are, so that any ecosystem returns to natural his state "

"Waht will be that of the summit? the four elements ask, happened as if it was a chimera where the leaders excuse themselves "

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"It is the hour of the truth, here I am, to remember everybody, that this is another problem more, for ours appreciated world"


The North Pole already is, after the catastrophe, with just a last piece of ice, the last the Eskimo and the last polar bear, something that takes advantage of the salesman refreshments to sell poles in the pole.

"The Eskimos are bad-tempered, when seeing that the temperatures have raised and that the papers are changed, as much for them as for the animals ".

"It is a problem that you have caused, but of which we would be speaking here? The planet you have changed, and seems that it is arriving to the end ".


New York flooded by waters.

"You will verify the effects of the thaw, that to all of us will affect. Do not think that i am pulling your leg, because this will arrive soon".

"The thaw of our poles will affect to many cities, are problems that alone the Americans will have to solve".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"Many silly things have been done in this beloved planet, starting with the environment and altering the ecosystem for ever ".

"In the hand the guardians carry, instructions on the environment. To save the planet is in the plans of the majority of people".

The new energies.

"They will have to depend on new power plants, lets see if to all seems well, other forms to produce it ".

"According to the wise scientific, the gases of the animal, can be useful until unsuspected limits".

"As here all you see, these energies are 'clean', even the doctors are surprised of the capacity of all of them".

"The flatulence of the cow, of another form can be useful, we will be able to have very clean energy, if there are enough means ".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

Global warming


The last tree.

"As if it was a prime opera, our forests are being lost, don't split your sides laughing, of an environment that is undoing".

"It is the last tree of the forest, for that reason we see it very overcrowded, the animals see with fear, that the end of the life has arrived".

"The clock marks some hours, also to our forests, every time are less trees, because of some pig-heads".

"Who pays they say that orders, and is that the master 'always is right', to do bad to the fauna and the flora without no contemplation ".


Schools of recycling.

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"And now, to the services of cleaning, nave a new task. They do not stop expalining that the bag, is not necessary to throw it before the eight ".

"They explain as if they were teachers and they listen to the students, say to them that it is not possible to be admitted, throwing the scraps outside".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"Equations are not necessary, to know how to throw the sweepings, is blue or green the container, the important thing is to recycle later ".

"It is necessary to respect to the others or to follow the schedules of the sweepings, to maintain the streets clean, is what all we wish".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"Many facilities to the recycling, our city councils are going to put,there is no need much learning, to know where to throw the sweepings ".

"The excrement of the dog, lady, you have it to pick up, do not become the revolting one, or there will be a sanction ".



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