Children Falla Ayuntamiento

"Long life La Pepa!"

Artists: Josť Luis Ceballos and Paco Sanabria.

Cost:   25.000 Euros.


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Second anniversary of the first Spanish Constitution, known as "La Pepa" because it was approved the day of San Jose in 1812.

While Spain lived a delicate moment by the French invasion, deputies and intellectuals from all over the country gathered in Cadiz, where after many meetings and disputes signed a Constitution based on the ideals of the French revolution and break with the old absolutist regime.
Was the Constitution of the Cortes of Cadiz, which was short lived.

"La Nicolasa. The Constitution of 1978."


Falla Infantile Ayuntamiento


Falla Infantile Ayuntamiento

"Article 43: The Spanish state will protect the health of the Spanish, because it is a sacred right of every human being"

Falla Infantile Ayuntamiento

"Article 53: When we grow we will be entitled to a fair pension and retirementand to be served in all our needs"


infanta leonor

"The king reigns but does not govern. Article 56: Spain is a parliamentary monarchy".

autonomous regions

"Article 137: Spain is a nation that is organized territorially into municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions".


The three branches of government.

"Presidents and Ministers: The executive who represents the government puts into practice the laws made by the parliament"

"judges and prosecutors: the judiciary who are the judges and prosecutors make compliance with all laws "

" Senators and Deputies: legislative power resides in the parliament and the Senate. "

Falla Infantile Ayuntamiento

"Article 23: When there are elections for public office, everyone is entitled to introduce ourselves as candidates and vote for whoever we like to represent"


Falla Infantile Ayuntamiento

"Article 46: The state will take care of historical, artistic and cultural heritage, of our monuments, customs, traditons and languages of Spanish, so we do not miss and also will enjoy our children"

"Article 20: Everyone can freely say whatever want and think, express ideas and send or receive information. The only limit will be respect to others"

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