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Falla Convento Jerusalén

"I'm in heaven"

Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia.

Cost:   240.000 Euros.

Height:  20 metres.

Prize:  3rd special section, 2nd talent and grace.


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"Being in heaven is a special state in which humans consider ourselves fully happy.Because being in heaven is like living in happiness. Like those lovers who swing in the garden of love. "





"For the glory of my mother"

For the glory of my mother

"The glory for a mother would be living in peace, without anyone to overwhelm her, and nothing to bother her"

"What the viewer sees is nothing real, because there is no masseuse, so strapping and well equipped"

mother in the glory

"Having children working and men outside home, the constant dream of an exemplary mother"

"A mother is pay tributed with a family that loves her, a maid in the kitchen, and a big man that takes care of her"



"The glory of the retired"

The glory of the retired


"The glory of retirees is to have become retired, and sunbathe with no obligation to do so"

"Heads of work experienced, first class quantity surveyors, there are a lot among retirees, without studying a degree"

"They miss the old times when they work with their hands, and now always angry shout: 'They do not make things as before!'"


"Her glory"

Her glory

"The glory of her consists of going out for shopping, Visa galore and chat with friends"

"She is more of papaya combined and mojito, and has no need to look for a 'gentleman'"

her glory

"A mother's call, a canal house, a man to admire and a functional car."

pair of dogs

"Even though they were both together, the glory is not equal to them, has its point for Adam and for Eve have another level"

"We found the difference in the pair of dogs, Eve is all continence, and Adam cause destructions "


"His glory"

His glory

"His glory verifies as he enjoys elegance, with Fifa with a mix drink and a dose of laziness"

"He prefers cold beer without fear of a hangover, and see what is going on without leaving the hammock"

Falla Convento Jerusalén

"A girl who cares him ,a good house and a car that he likes"



"The animal glory"

The animal glory

"Man is the closest thing to, none be missed!, Pork, in the glory that is comfortable, coating in shit"



"Football glory"

Football glory

"Granotas and chotos together this year compete for glory, and will fall in love if they maintain the trajectory"

"Belén Esteban"

Belén Esteban

"By dating with a famous bullfighter, Belén Esteban undermines the most prodigious intellect and she thinks about herself as meritorious"



"Simpler than a tile and more ugly than a sin, the son of a bullfighter and 'manola' Paquirrín has been placed, poor and uneducated high school in the glory"



"The Alba"

The  Alba

"Moeny is to blame for the glory of Alba, of being sloppy and mean is to blame the legacy of ... 'condescension' "

"The risk premium"

The risk premium

"The 'risk premium' has become more famous than Charito, sucking Europe as a whole has assembled a good joint, which is full of profiteers who say they are authorities"


Falla Convento Jerusalén



"The glory of aunt Gloria"

The glory of aunt Gloria

"Sheltered from the falls this neighboring damn, has raised much dust with her complaints"

"The 'anti' of Aunt Gloria, into a ballot box has gotten and fun boasts of the allegations she has done"

"Behind the glass is hidden by dedicating a finger, she considere them as a pest that disturbs his glory"

"Complaint for: Make fire in the street on March 19, flushing the toilet at night, look at me badly, cooking paellas and do not invite, dress up out of carnival, talking in the street."



"The glory of the pet"

The glory of the pet

"The only space reserved pets have, have been devoted to poop like if they were idiots"

"The smart dog relieves himself by the side, and in the glory is, after leaving clean the pee-can"

"The glory of the politics"

The glory of the politics


The glory of the politics

"Spending all day on the brawl, upset with criticism, is the most grotesque of political glory "



"Passport to glory"

Passport to glory

"With no possible explanation, some people can claim victory, as so incomprehensible have a passport to glory "


The glory of the festive

"If you see a festive hallucinate in glory, put him as a waiter, all included and to get tight "

"All Fallas days will be in the bar, and upon completion will ensure that the falla will burn him"

"Falla's glory"

fallera in the glory

"In the face can be seen her immense happiness, after liberating her feet, of those criminal shoes"

"Fallera in the glory is when she takes off the dress and bows at the end of the the parade"


"Falla's glory"

the glory of the ruler of fallas fiesta

"If the glroy want to try the ruler of fiesta, simply leave before of storms"

"Popular recognition and honors galore, friend Felix suggests, 'if I know before!'"

"It is the glory of the artist that makes him lose consciousness, and again lose sight of the hardships they have suffered"

"After a year doing the st ... nothing better than to give you a pallet, if you take the number one prize triumphant "





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