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Falla Infantilee Convento JerusalÚn

"Night Nr2"

Artist: David Moreno.

Prize: 5th special section.


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"The moon shines at the end of the cycle with white light, but what about the other side? What happens on the far side of the moon?."

"To see what lies on the other side you just have to make the effort to go around."


last quarter

"last quarter"



blue minute

"Blue minute"

"I feel that somewhere there is a time of day just before dawn, when everything stops and the sounds of the night shut up and those of the day yet to play their monotonous symphony.

It is the blue minute. So call it.

The night go to sleep the moon is lighting in his naive thought off.

Or that it is shrinking its glow. Or one that is growing with a dose of hope. And in its fullness is proud, knowing candle. "

first quarter

"first quarter"



new moon

"new moon"

Earth Observatory

"Earth Observatory"


full moon

"Full moon"

dew drops

"Dew drops falling"

Solar particles

"Solar particles"



Falla Convento JerusalÚn

"Poetic intensity correction"

Hesperides shower

"Hesperides shower"

Leonidas shower

"Leonidas shower"



Dawn Star

"Dawn Star"


"I am an old man, with little knowledge and basic technology.

I'm sailing on a calm sea.

Almost always look at the sky in the deep night or in sparks of the dawn, I wonder what is all that, all that flashes up ... mystery.

Only I can think of a poem, I'll tell you ... "

Falla Convento JerusalÚn

"First rays of sunshine"




Falla Convento JerusalÚn

"Diffusion of poetry"



evening Star

"evening Star"



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