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Falla Infantile Exposición-Mascó

"Cotton candy"

Artist: Marina Puche.

Prize: 3rd Special section. 2nd prize in Talent and grace.


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"What most children like is going to the fair, but when arriving to the merry-go-round some have a very good time and some not. "

"The children choose their favorite animal and prepare for the blow of the horn and start the round."


paper boat

"oh la la, 'c'est l'amour' good trip, agur, agur".


"This girl is flying high, between the cloud and the bird".



cat takes girl

"The cat takes the kitten, very refined and dressed up".

girl riding the rabbit

"My god how dangerous, how much this rabbit run"

boy frightened with owl

"The boy is frightened, and the owl cowed."



twins riding a horse

"On horse are the girls nice and twins".

girl with bees

"turns and turns, up the bees".

girl with frog

"She kissed the frog, and the girl is the queen".


boy riding elephant

"The elephant turn quiet, and Neleta is Sleeping".

girl in chocolate cup

"How lucky is Conchita, hot chocolate cup."

 Red Riding Hood and the wolf

"The wolf takes a little girl, they call her Little Red Riding Hood."



El zorro riding

"Melanie is waiting, to Banderas riding."

girl dancing over the deer

"The deer flies, and the little girl dancing."

girl with fish

"They are champions in swimming, Danieleta and Mr Fish."




"On the giraffe stitting, studying and manner"

boy riding a lion

"Run, run the lion, from Valencia to New York"



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