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Falla Convento JerusalÚn

"Money talks"

Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia.

Cost: 240.000 Euros.

Height: 20 metres.

Prize: 1st Secciˇn Especial.

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"Money has the property of making possible everything. And money talks.

In Europe it becomes clear that some political leaders force others to do things they do not want, even force them to jump into the sea of difficulties ."

"There are many situations where money becomes power. Not go far today in fallas money makes artists do prance and goodies in order to have a falla and work."

" Because what is clear is that: 'Money talks'. Because if not, who would air the Maharaja? Who would take the snack? Who will look after animals? Who would keep his safety? Who will dance? Who would endure every whim?."



"Money talks... monkeying around."

"Spanish banks have monkeying around trying to imitate American banks, the crisis have caught them doing silly things and they have 'smoked' the welfare state, and now the German fierce demand its prey, money talks."

"Money talks...in the art."

"A king's daughter has been portrayed in hyper-realistic style and subtlety have 'recommended' to the artist to use the Impressionist style. She looks pretty and well gallant, now that he has learned that money talks."

"Money talks.. resist."

"The power does not stop doing stress tests with people, makes swallow cuts in education, and people, with Christian resignation, endures because money talks."

"Money talks.. in government."

"Officials in difficulties have placed many cuts leaving almost drowned with so many snips, and so consumption stops,but money talks."

"Money talks.., in the market."

"In the market everything is bought and sold all without checking the source, no matter the actual value, if in the end we show it with arrogance, whether Egyptian, Greek or Cambodian, we want it because money talks".

"No other space as the market who explains the power of money. For each exposed product has sued a client first. And every man wants the best for himself, here money talks".

"Money talks.., in the market."

"As is the scenario, to older he can only flee and escape from this drama with 'dust' to get relaxed, tempered or lead them to nirvana far from reality. Money talks".

flutist powders seller "

"Money talks.., in the market."

"Doing business in health by destroying the public system for money, is a brutal immorality worthy of criminal buccaneers, who willingly reduce good health to: Money talks".

"Money talks.., in funding."

"To fourth and half abundant imagination adds advertising, apply heat of promotion and wait patient for the outcome. The president with 'burgundy' working. Always Low Prices for the falla".

"The commissions do not stop looking for the fallas, solutions with future, until a chemical has been put to work to find the formula or spell that faller funding demands, well convinced that money talks".

"Money talks.., in fallas."

"Taking advantage of the terrible situation, here the president of the commission, supported by the other cheek, offer a contract of bitch, because it is clear, money talks".


"Money talks.., in the work."

"The terrible shame of the states under the guise hides, and are the millions of unemployed people living on a meager pay with an inhuman situation because one dictates: money talks!".

"Money talks.., in europe."

"The austerity recipes of Merkel is leading Europe to the disaster, meanwhile Rajoy with great weakness, is doing of Spain a mess, obeying what orders the 'troika', because money talks".


Last update: May 2013.

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