Falla Ayuntamiento

"The Decalogue of the Valencian"

Artist: Manolo García.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height: 21 metres.

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"Moses carries the tablets of the law of the Decalogue of the Valencian."



valencians with flag

"First Commandment. Love and Honor to your land " A couple of typical Valencian finishing mounting a Valencian flag.


"Second Commandment: Not take the heritage of your land in vain. " Some sharks devour Valencian banks and regional television channel.

"Third Commandment: Will respect the holidays. " Magician changing traditional festive dates.

graffiti artist staining a monument

"Fourth Commandment: Honor your honorable. "A graffiti artist staining the monument to Master Serrano.

worker smashed by mortgage. A drunk man pissing

"Fifth Commandment: Do not kill your future. " Man crushed by the mortgage of his house.

"Sixth Commandment: Do not commit shameful acts. " A drunk pissing in a park.

"Seventh Commandment: You shall not steal "... plants of the Bridge of Flowers.


"Eighth Commandment: You will not lie. "A banker is enriched with fake loans.


"Ninth Commandment: You will not consent impure thoughts or acts. "Standing in the queue of unemployment office wants to strangle an officer.

"Tenth Commandment: Do not covet the money of others. "Tax Agency as a giant vampire chase on fallero.




Last update: April 2014.

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