The 2014 winner was Falla Plaza del Pilar after 15 years at a cost of 150,000 euros. The higher budget was 230,000 euros of Falla Convento that was second. Nou Campanar, which in recent years had the higher budget, dropped it to 90,000 euros and made an experimental falla that the jury did not like and left them whithout prize. Pardoned Ninot was for 1A category falla Quart-Extramuros Velázquez. The risky top of the falla Cuba-Azorin fell within a few hours of being set up, rain affected the weight of the structure and it fell on the body of the falla causing serious damage to some figures. No one was injured.

All fallas budgets were adjusted by the increase in VAT to 21%, then this was reduced later in the year to 10%, but it did not move budgets. It showed in fallas with lower budget, smaller and with less scenes around.

Our favorites were fallas of Pilar, Convento and Na Jordana as the funniest. In 1A we liked them much Gozalbo-Altea and Esteve-Amorós.

First prize of 'talent and grace' was for falla Plaza del Pilar, second for Na Jordana and third for Exposición-Mascó.


Last uptdate: April 2014.

Víctor & Ruth