Child Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Do I tell you a joke?"

Artist: Jose Gallego.

Prize: 5th Sección Especial. 2nd talent and grace.

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" There are many types of jokes: those of the curtain rises.., others a nice town called Lepe, also three of curious characters and those of Jaimito."



Chinese with harp

"who is this actor? 'alpa (harp) chino (chinese)' "


Nun in boots

"Why nuns don't wear sandals? because they are mor devoted (of boots) "

english flea

"I have found an enlgish flea! because it was in my groin"

"Jokes of the last straw"


" the last straw of a cat: having a dog's life


"the smallest last straw: the tusk"


"the last straw of a mason: have a hick girlfriend"


"the last straw of a welder: having a soldier son"


"the last straw of a shepherd: falling sleep counting sheeps"


"the last straw of a one-eyed: to be named Casimiro (almostsee)"


"the last straw of a bald: that they give a comb"


"Why in Lepe? police take a bath in the car? to carry the Mermaid"

"An englis, a french and a spaniard.."


"The enlgish says: I must be in England because i have my hand out and i touch Big Ben"


"the french says: Im must be in France because i have my hand out and i touch Eiffel tower"


"the spaniard says: I must be in spain because i have my hand out and someone stole my watch"

japanese and chinese kon-junt!"


"-Mom, they callme main fallera at school!
-and what do you answer?
-Senyor Pirotecnic, pot començar la mascletá!"

woman in wc

"which is this film? Apretty woman"

"Lepe Jokes"

lepero and orange trees.

"Why in Lepe orange trees are planted in threes? to get Tri-naranjus"

strawberry and pear.

"strawberry: I'am from lepe, Pear: i am le-pear"

lepero with tvs.

"Why in Lepe are televisions stacked in fives? to see Tele5"

lepero with ketchup.

"Why in Lepe are put a bottle of ketchup in the ear? to listen salsa (sauce)"

lepero farts.

"Why in Lepe fart when leaving home? to put the latch"

"Blue jokes"


"What is the plant that runs faster? sole"

Wolf and Red Riding Hood.

"-Hello Green Riding Hood!
-Hello wolf colorblind!"


Last update: April 2014.

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