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Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Pretentious pretenders"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Cost: 100.000 Euros.

Height: 17 metres.

Prize: 5th Special Section.

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"She is the intended of them, she is desired, they eager, eager to have her or love her. It's the game of life itself, always surrounded by pretenders, some without malice and some others with it, and other seemingly indifferent."

"Who does not pretend, is not ambitious; who has no ambition, no forces; who has all wants more, the more you have, the more you want."

"Is it pretentious to think of her?. Is it pretentious the poor when he wants to stop being? Are pretentious love or peace? Is pretending to be honored the politicians or it is pretentious that they are?."



cadarso altea 2014

"To attract to him the desire of you girl, gives her a stone in a ring."

canal 9

"Channel 9"

"To our television, which gave them good dividends, when don't interest anymore to these people they kick."

"First prize for RTVV workers. None for President or for the Telefunken from Gata, when placed in bravado plan, despising every argument."

"Cannot take anything from it and can not place more friends in there, does not serve and as punishment, channel 9 to hell."

elder dancing

"Pretend relive his youth by redressing their loneliness, dances this couple."

iva raise

"I was told by Rita and Paco that is prevailing unrest in the world of fallas and that reelection can cost them ."

mas caganer

"Catalonia's cooked and More has poorly digested, givingexit to Spain a good ...."

"Has a grip the caganer, body loose stool, but when it has left its mark how dry? what paper?"

"Has his body as patrimony that brings good performance, and is part of the entertainment, of her and some demon."

"To fatten the cows gave clenbuterol is now cause for revolution as revives rattles and makes them get out of the sewers."

cadarso altea 2014

"Think she will be cutest looking very 'busty' and what better than a concoction that inflates what is tiny and is known as silicone."

"Applied on lips leaves you duck snouts in narix of one that is flat, make the beak of a bird and in the face .. 'a pig' "

"Above him angels proclaim Cristiano not Christ, and see everybody you saw in the heavenly environment of the Real wears the shirt, and prostrate in front of the athlete"

"Journalists who worship him and defending night and day against those who dishonor him. This already looks like a Bethlehem, but certainly that is blasphemous!"

worship to  Cristiano

"Either by fatigue or because they insist, breaking you rules, they have inflated a gold ball and , if necessary speak ill of Messi"


"God is so when coming back from a stroll, in the sky sees the revolt and his occupied throne, the 'supreme being Florentino' to his kid's sitting there."

brains leaving

"Stop investigate if want to stay, is the saying Wert and go to hell."


"I'm the minister who trimmed with joy, hairdressing master although raggedly.Today I have been told that i am sinister because I cut out so much and cut out with class what comes out of my ..."

"Law makes his will, do not have common ideas, long life to unanimity, out with high thoughts!"

brains leaving

"Philosophy achieved that for many is their mirror, not scholarship for granted,leaving is simplier"

"When the going gets tough is accused of all evil, and no one will see, the head says it's envy, hold, Luís bird!."

"Luís, generous man what's left hand out in a gesture of affection, the boy is not stingy, and friendship appreciate."


Last update: April 2014.

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