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Falla Convento Jerusalén

"Show must go on"

Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia.

Cost: 230.000 Euros.

Height: 20 metres.

Prize: 2nd Sección Especial.

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"And everything continues, the show must go on. Although the doors, or the streets, or the city, or the region, or the state, are full of 'shit'."

"The showbiz life seems copy, every day makes the miracle, of rising and continue ".

"Change the setting, change the performers change costumes and even cabarets".

"They keep the passion alive until the curtain closes".



"Pasen seńores, pasen, el escenario está abierto, contemplen y repasen este mundial desconcierto.
Encontraremos las comedias y pantomimas también, no faltarán tragedias y monólogos de café.
Verán solo en un segundo el gran teatro del mundo."



"Theatrical genre opposed to tragedy, attempts through laughter from the audience, to show the faults and defects, criticism against certain persons and institutions. The mess and equivocal situations are characteristic of this comic theatrical genre."

"A farcical comedy perform as required, with the grace of delaying retirement.
It spreads like an ordeal the Moliere syndrome, dying on stage and die unintentionally.
Comedian's life, until ninety working."

Rita in the theater of operations

"Theater of operations."

"In military slang 'theater' is used to denote the physical space in which the operations and strategies of combat movements occur."

"The council ungrateful, without regard to reason, the city has turn into a theater of operations.
Boost thousand slums of permits and papers, and preparing ambushes to Fallas.
Thousand battles must be waged if you want to plant in fallas."

dressed with boxes

"Between boxes."

"It is said the space of the stage that the audience does not see, hidden behind the scenes. So also says 'behind the scenes'. Theater operators move 'between boxes' to avoid being seen."

"A live among boxes many people have led, due to the banks that we have all rescued.
From their homes to the street have been thrown by shameless governments full of useless.
That happens in a country led by a gray man."

Romeo, Julio Cesar

"Romeo: I can not trust my own shadow."

"Julio César: Also you? Bruto, animal, do not see that makes me sick."


"Julieta: with a kiss, muic!!."


"Yerma: if i keep like this and if I'll end being bad, Gallardón."

Argan, Nelo

"Nelo Bacora: listen farts weigh?, not?, then I have shit.
Argan: Doctors are not for that, their mission is to receive and collect, healing or not is part of the patient job."

Jean Valjan

"Jean valjean: only live those who fight, 15m."

antonio y cleopatra

"Antonio: I am a Roman, by a Roman overcome with honor. Now my spirit is going.
Cleopatra: Come mortal creature and with your teeth solve this intricate knot of life."


"Cyrano of Ikea: for hanging coats and hats this hanger must be handy."

Don juan

"Don juan de Urdangarín: I went to the palace, I went down the alleys, and everywhere left bitter memories of me.
Dońa Inés d eBorbón: And since you want to be as faithful to a love of Satan with Urdangarín you will save or you'll miss with him."

"Puppet Theatre."

"Kind of theater where actors and actresses are dolls of cardboard, cloth or wood that are handled by threads that other move. Even lend expression to speak with the voice of the 'other'. Nothing make that is not the will of the one who pulls the strings."

"One the
lead actor is considered, but it is another actor who plays engineer to manage threads. Now it turns out that the puppeteer is a doll who manages other that is the master of everything.
will be a politician the director? or will be there a director?".



"Soliloquy. Drama based on a single actor playing a character. It is also said part of a work in which a character speaks and acts alone, independently."

"The abandoned autonomous worker faces every day in complete solitude to hypocrisy.
They say they are going to help with rules and subsidies after leaving without good solutions.
A monologue every day self develops".

lot of shit

"Lot of shit."

"Expression equivalent to 'good luck' among the people of the theater . Its origin is in the amount of manure that accumulated on the door of the old theaters the days after the release. The more 'shit' more successful."

"The Congress of Deputies as theater acts, whether four cats leave the shit at the door.
To see a lot of shit and we have become accustomed, creating the green line of unbelief.
So much things has happened and yet none had paid for them".

"Mutis forum."

"In theatrical slang used to express when a character disappears from the scene in silence by the background of the scene. In coloquiar language means go quietly."

"David albelda was a symbol of Valencia, the top of the coat, the voice of experience.
He was set about the ruin by presidents without decorum, and when the 'seagull' people failed he exits by the forum.
                         Become the hero is not useful in the hands of so much useless people".

"The Chicken Coop."

"It's the name of the highest part of the auditorium. Take the name of the space reserved for women who went alone to the theater ".

"The assembly of presidents becomes a gibberish where among presidents are many chickens and a rooster.
Outrageous hen with eggs gradually been filled, while all proud rooster seems to have not heard.
not only does it look the ridge to lead the party as needed".



"Muse of comedy and bucolic and pastoral poetry in Greek mythology. His name is Greek for 'florida'. It is often depicted as a jovial woman and is part of the Three Graces".

"Talia is the muse of the theater, today she looks confused and has to go to a psychiatrist.
She is now a seller in the absence of other work, Survive with troubles in times of cutbacks.
would like to see it inert Minister Mr. Wert".


"Theatrical genre opposed to comedy, which is represented by all the crudity situations and conflicts involving human being and that usually end badly".

"Tragedy nowadays is not haven a chick mobile, tablet of category and a 'empifour' Japanese.
Tragedy is isolatong looking only to the screen, without anything to relate to youth.
Much technology ends in disease".



"Obsolete character in the current theater. Was responsible for monitoring the text and give rise to the actors who were in white, hidden from public view under the shell. Also known as consueta".

"Recorder of property, and ends as pointer of his master's voice.
While they laugh of him, takes notes without stopping of the script saying that you have to cut and trim.
then stays silent, our bearded consueta".


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