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Falla Regne Valencia

"In search of lost money"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Cost: 77.000 Euros.

Height: 16 metres.

Premio: 6th Special Section. 1st Talent and Grace.

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"A legend has passed from generation to generation. A story that tells that there is a magical place away from the civilized world, where is the most appreciated object by society, the most desired relic: money."

"The great adventurers were looking for the lost money since the crisis began. Inda and Ana Jones are two Valencian unemployed, without any future they have chosen get into the jungle and face opponents in search of money, which are Herr Montoro and his pet spider monkey Rahjoy; besides the dangers of Mola Ram and the tax flame, the attack of Merkel cockatoos that cut everything they can, and costume beasts swarming the asphalt jungle."



"What ruin of country because everything is screwed, so with your permission .. seek the lost money!."

"The money tha tInda has left is an object of desire. Herr Montoro predates him and eagerly wants to steal."


"In search of lost royalty"

"A safari has begun and the prey can be good, because the king finally hunted who fucks crown."

"Elephant prey indicates, and so the king can defend as almost abdicates, all because of his son in law!."

"In search of lost banking"

"The money is lost in the jungle of Spain? Who havs taken it away? if is a politician then is no wonder.."


"In the jungle there's a place where crap accumulates: things to set fire as Bankia and finance."

Montoro and Merkel

"Mola Ram is evil and has a monetary desire, so it has been represented to the tax agency ...."

tries to steal Inda

"The bad have a pet that wants to steal the money. Mariano says it's patriotic .. as he fucks us in governing!."

"In valencia fallas without money have to plant and everything that is not spent to finance .. we pay."

"The adventure is heading into uncharted paths, and the path ends here in the Congress of imputed."

"Leasehold: Temple of the accused by political disaffection. Reason: no foul!."

lion of the congress

"One is called 'citizenship' other 'welfare state' Villainy victims who want them sacrificing."

lion of the congress

"Fed up with so much corruption congress Lions make clear the mantra that they, of guilt, no nothing ..."

"In search of lost Valencia."

"At Fitur expose what reluctantly left penniless to the Valencian land."


"Leave Spain this carrier running and well cheerful, gold thrown takes it all ... in black!."

"'Takemoney' is called and have love for the currency, do you know where he lives?, of course, he is living in Switzerland!."

"In search of lost powder"

"He is an Europe inspector herethat has suffered the attack, as the tribe fights to defend the tro bac."

"With CRE and regulations they seay to preventou say there str affirmative evidenced of a critically endangered."


"In search of lost pension"

"Poor grandpa to Ana Mato asks a good salve and give disappointment and reluctantly charged."

"In search of lost money"

"Two 'cannabis' guard the ark doing a very big joint. Came by boat from Egypt and are already working."

"If the money has been lost and someone has it in Spain is this stocky guy who has skill in stealing."


"Inventary of the ark of the stealers: 1-Gürtel and accounting B money. 2-Money from illegal Andalucia Ere's.3-Noos money. 4-The money from Palma Arena case. 5-The money inverted in Cacsa. 6-money from UGT bills. 7-The money of the signing of Neymar. 8-money from Bankia. 9-mortgages money. 10, The pasta lashed by powerful to citizens."

"¡Here is the money!."


"For the money has perverted Bárcenas Pharaoh who within his party called Luis 'bastard'."


"In search of the lost fallas"

"Indiana Lledó In search of the lost fallas: A passageway presents trapsin the fallas world and the ruler torments .. well walk into a mess ."

canal 9

"In search of lost television"

"As Livingstone ... I guess, for Fabra everything here is new (nou) and close this tv, broadcast concludes suddenly."

"In search of lost libido"

"Dora the Explorer is a very brave girl, but today a 'stick' she adores as the thing is hot".

"He found in the journey a gifted wild, that is Baltasar page, and has a gift for her!".

"In search of the lost look"

"Game of Bows starts, Queen have to choose and mercy will never be here, you will see many die!".


"Game of Bows , the throne of the fiesta".


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