Child Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Spinning time"

Artist: Dartfaller.

Prize: no prize.

Cost: 19.000 Euros.

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"Andreu aprenderá con la ayuda de unos personajes misteriosos la importancia de valorar el tiempo. "

"Nona, Décima and Morta are the three Fates, three sisters responsible for weaving the thread of life of every person, and will be responsible to show that every hour of the day has its task and all are important."

disguised girl and boy with long hair and boy in car

"The time to disguise"

"The time for hairdressinga"

"The time for holidays"

boy with music

"The time for the music"

dessert and toy

"The time for Easter"

boy asleeping

"The timw to wape up"

falla boy

"The time for fallas"

boy with food

"the time for eating"

boy with books and boy with videogame

"The H time"

"The time for studying"

child with dumbbells and Child with umbrella

"The time for sport"

"The time for playing with the rain"

gilr with fallera dress

"The time for dreaming"

girl meditating boy with dog

"The time to meditate"

"The time for walking the dog"

wich child

"The Witching Hour"