Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Vae Victis"

Artist: Paco Giner.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 88.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

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"Vae Victis is a Latin expression meaning 'Woe to the vanquished' who said the Gallic chieftain Brennus when he defeated Rome."
This expression is used to tell the impotence of the vanquished against the winner."

"The slave struggle with great courage for her freedom, defending with great courage against this world of tyrants."

"The general who you see here attacks from the horse, with great ferocity oppressing the sword of cuts."

mediterranean mother

"The Mediterranean mother gives life to our lands pining for the wounds that cause so many wars."

"Control my friend, if you commit many excesses you will miss it, or very soon I promise you will live in an ugly hell."                   

"Is not required or necessary to have fun at falla, smoke or drink a lot nor do two stripes."                  

"With the dope has passed and now pays too much excess, so he stays home, and fallas have not seen anything."

young smoked

"If you commit many excesses you will miss it."

"At the helm of this kettle Montorus working overtime to not leave the brew with a taste of cuts."                   

"Bar-Berix is charged with money as backpack, as you see, is bandaged by setbacks of the fair."                  

"Percollonix the brave, never thinks not even notice, but is always ready to make noise in the assembly."                  

"Galianix is a dog that loves to bark, especially in the assembly where ever it is noticed."


"From valencia, as you know, comes very good athletes, the fastest of all who have left clean coffers."                       

"Whether to give the sport back and have very long hands, do not suffer in jail, here nobody never pays."                       

"In Trinidad Alfonso people out on the street, supporting that the marathon is a great event."


"Artists of the scanner, the brush and cutter compete for a prize that must be of high quality."                       

"Other gladiators are in the arena, all wounded of budget."                       

"Pere Baenas swings brave his figure and defends Santaeulalia with the boat of Convento."

"The master of the feast is not Lledo and San Jose, it may seem that it was Nero who turned everything into ashes."                       

"Written in rare letter by a fine scribe, absurd rules on a parchment that look great."


"We also have caloret."

"Adolfo Pensatorum looks Spain down from heaven and by his face, looks to him like a big brothel."                       

"Pelatus Sotelo starts with a bang on February twenty-three when they were going to invest president of the congress."                       

"Filipo Bonsais, this corduroy elbow patches liked bonsais and did a great pruning doing Spain much damage."                       

"Mostachus inmobilis when he ruled the country have told me and to all the people saying that Spain did very well."                       

"Zapaterum Sonrisae. with this awful president, who ruled by chance, finish up with Spain at the bottom of the well."

Adolfo pensatorum. Pelatus Sotelo. Filipo Bonsais

Adolfo pensatorum, Pelatus Sotelo, Filipo Bonsais

Mostachus inmobilis. Zapaterum Sonrisae. Marianus Mentecatus.

Mostachus inmobilis, Zapaterum Sonrisae, Marianus Mentecatus.

pablo iglesias

"symbolizes the hurt experienced by society, which always looks helpless against the central government."