Child Falla Exposición-Mascó

"The dream maker"

Artist: Sergio Edo.

Prize: 10th special section.

Cost: 18.000 Euros.

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"Collect with his umbrella and brings children storybooks manufactured in a world of fantasy and imagination."

"The smallest needs only a pacifier to have happy dreams. The older need the guardian angel to protect her against dangerous dreams."

child falla Exposición-Mascó 2015

"Dreams for small and greater, distributed every night for the maker."

girl sleeping with teddy

"Dreams of Night Elves, who do the homework with profit."

baby sleeping with pacifier

"Cradle childhood dreams made with the help of the Owl."


"Dreams given by clown with pacifier."

pirate and castle

"Dreams we fall within a castle"

"Dreams of sailors and pirates sailing frigates."


"Dreams of monsters around the world, more than dreams are nightmares."

helper brings books

"Dreams brought by the assistant, literary treasures of a child."

Elf and assistant

"Dreams of mischievous elves experts in evils and misdeeds."


"Dreams descended from the moon, signs of luck and fortune."