Children Falla Cadarso-Altea



Prize:  5th special section.

Artist: Javier Igualada.


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All the children are creative by nature and since the beginning they like to play to what they will be when grow up..., architects, writers, comic book artist, scientist, musician, etc. Each one of them is playing to create his illusion.

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Comic book artist

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Jewels designer: "She is bringing from the trousseau, threads, small balls and glass beads, creating jewels and necklaces".

"The jewel and dressing she design, of her suit of fallera, and major! that she wants to be".

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea


"In the paper he wants to draw, Aladdin in a carpet, a dragoon, pirates and mermaids ".

"The boy who the drawing dominates, feels the rumors that to the ear, do to him the fairy godmother".


Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea


Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea



"When he grows up he will do so many, of sculptures we are speaking, that will fill streets and squares".

"With mud the child models, the sculpture of a woman, view with innocent eyes".


"He will have a prize for its novel, when he grows up, doing Romance of first class".

"To write things is not carved, and a book hopes to publish, at the moment, booklet of falla".


Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Photographer: "A group for the exhibition, of falleros portrays here, giving the best of him"

"Virtuous is of the image, with much art composes pictures, of people and landscapes"

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Musician: "He mixes with harmony mi, re... and the flats, composing the symphony"

"It is the piano or fagot, flute or the trumpet, to everything he gets a good sound"

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea



Children Falla Cadarso-Altea



<------- Pyrotechnic

"Needs to be seen the love of Tito with the powder, combining color and thunder".

"And with new technologies of computer that not of wick, will shoot batteries".

Journalist -------->

"Uncovers gossips dirty linen of its surroundings, pets and neighbors".

"And with microphone in hand she interviews to all who, gives her of some clue".


Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Falla artist: "A child like him has to be, graceful and versatile, future fallero artist"

Children Falla  Cadarso-Altea

Architect: "It is his main desire, stop making small houses and to construct a cathedral"

"That the dream of the architects, always is to make a masterpiece, with the perfect measures"


<------- Dressmaker

"Fan dressmaker, the Valencian girl, wants to do traditional dresses".

"And much cares, to have in March ready, her suit of fallera".

Cook -------->

" She admires Arguiñano, will ask a kitchen to the Kings, whom will warm up a pot".

"Combines salty and candy, and the colors of foods, art works are her dishes".



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